Budget Deck Tech: SR Elementals

People say Hex is lacking standard budget decks, they mourn the departure of McBombus as a go to option for budget tournament and ladder decks. Well people mourn no more because we have a new player right here and it is even in the same shards. You have asked the Iron Inquisiton delivers! This decktech will guide you through the overall build for a tiny budget of about 900 P, and then proceed to give you an upgrade and reserves plan.



.This deck is an elemental tempo deck that utilizes discard and elemental synergies as good as possible. The core cards are all very accesible and the upgrades don’t really change the deck but give you a couple of slightly more powerful cards. Essentially you want to stick 1-2 threats on the board stop what your opponent is doing and win the game.

To achieve this we play 1 elemental/troop in every slot of the curve, Boltspasm on 1, Briny Ray on 2, Flamelick on 3, Painstoke Sister on 4 and Conjured Candleghast on 5. Except for Painstoke Sister they are all elementals and thus enable Unhenge to be played for a single ressource. All of our troops are pretty aggressive and synergise very well with the rest of the deck.

For removal we have 3 Return to Cinder, 4 Whip Crack, 2 Glaciate, 3 Flamelick and 4 Excruciate in the main deck. Return to Cinder is just too efficient to pass up on it and also keeps deathcry effects as well as Refuel in check.  Glaciate is pretty good against Refuel too and also hits any card, which can be important against cards like Twilight Eclipse. Whip Crack in the main deck has actually proven to be super useful, DR Candles is the most obvious deck it is good against, but Waxshot, Leprechaun Artist and other powerful 1/1 troops make this card really good, the cycling function makes it main deckable. Flamelick is a budget option it provides you with an additional troop while also going to face providing you with some reach. Excruciate is the best removal in these shards, drawing/discarding additional cards can be super powerful.

For utility we have 4 maindeck unhenges to stop troops that we cannot deal with and a single iconoclasm for grindy match ups.

Now what do we need for our reserves? And how do we apply the cards in specific matchups (This part will depend on the meta and might change over time):



4 Whip Cracks, 3 Excruciate, 1 Iconoclasm


4 Burning Ire, 2 Confounding Ire, 3 Dingle

So we want to exploit the weaknesses of BR Refuel, transform cards, Flare Fiend as a key target for Burning Ire, take a troop out and deal 5 to your opp? Not much is better when you want to race. Confounding Ire stops Refuel and most of the troops.



3 Flamelick, 2 Glaciate, 1 Iconoclasm, these are all slow, and bad against momentum don’t play them


Depends on the exact Momentum list, but a mix out of burning Ire, Dingle and Confounding Ire should do the trick



2 Glaciate, 1 Iconoclasm, 4 Whip Crack


Verdict of the Ancient Kings, Burning Ire, Confounding Ire


Control strongly depends on what they play but in general, if they dont have troops you want to get rid of removal and Unhenge and put in interrupts. A second Iconoclasm is almost always good.



2 Glaciate, 3 Return to Cinder


3 Verdict of the Ancient Kings, 2 Gravebane Vial

Now you should have a pretty good grasp at how to reserves with this deck so, how about to upgrade it?

SR Inquisiton (34$/3.368P/419.000G):


So the budget deck already contains most of the important pieces, there are some pieces that can be upgraded and we will go over their respective functions in the followeing paragraphs. The most notable non budget changes is the inclusion of remnants and wells into our ressource base.

So Flamelick is quite bad in this deck as it is basic speed and we do not really need the candles. Luckily there is some card with upside that does exactly what we want it to do.  Stifling sting, face damage, SR, quick and at times it can push damage to your opponent to finish the game.



The other maindeck upgrade is Quenchinator with the Major Gem of Pyromancy, this troop provides so much pressure on its own when you can keep the board clean. Also giving the gem power to a Briny Ray in your hand is insane.

Last but not least, what would an inquisition be without inquisitors? Right nothing, so this is a reserves card, when do we use it? Specifically against decks that empty their hand quickly, you can do the discarding yourself.

So I hope you had a good read and will have some fun with this deck, read you soon!






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